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App Name 9Apps App
File Size 3.03 MB
Version Latest
Developer 9Apps
Website www.9appsapkapp.in
Downloads 50,00,000+

Last Updated : 16th April, 2018

9Apps is an app store exclusively for android devices which let’s you download latest android apps, hottest games for android, most beautiful mobile themes, wallpapers and ringtones and much more. Download 9Apps now!

9Apps APK

9Apps Install 9Apps is one of the most famous app store, Download 9Apps .APK InstallToday, smartphones are the need of the time. People use smartphones (and tablets) for most of their daily activities like making phone calls, video conferencing, listening to music, radio etc. and even booking tickets or making payments. Thus, times have changed a lot since there has been a revolution in the mobile and computing industry, and smartphones (and tablets) are slowly taking over the mobile phone and portable media player industry.

9Apps App

9apps apk

Version: (Latest)

Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 3.2 MB
Category: Browsing
Updated: 01-04-2018
License: Free

download 9Apps

App Name 9Apps
Current Version Latest
Next Release on 27th of April, 2018
New Supported Software Versions (Latest)
Android/iOS Compatibility Android:Yes iOS:No
Supported Android Devices All Android
Supported iPad Devices No
 Root  Required No
License Free (Open Source Code)
App Category App Store, Browing
Available Forms of Content Android apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones.
Are apps safe? Yes
API Partner Yes
New Features Improved and clean user-interface. Safe to download apps. And provides high download speed while downloading files.
Author 9Apps Team http://9appsapk.com/

System Requirements: 9Apps Latest Version runs on almost all android smartphone devices and tablets. To run and use 9Apps apk app, 9App smoothly and problem free on your device, you must have Android v2.3 or higher. 9App will work smooth even on low storage.

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Each passing day, there is some new development in the field of smartphones and manufacturers are coming up with devices loaded with all the latest softwares and hardware. Special mention has to be made for these spec-loaded devices and the powerful hardware they boast of. Qualcomm is a popular chipset manufacturer for mobiles and tablets, and a lot of Android devices make use of its products.

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9Apps APK APP Download for Android – Install 9Apps @ 9Apps.com


Talking of Android devices, they come loaded with a good chipset and a decent amount of memory. Screens are good, and if you have a good smartphone display, then video gaming experience or watching movies and videos are worthwhile on smartphones and tablets. That mentioned, apps and 9games too are very much used on smartphones. Especially when it comes to Android powered smartphones and tablets, there is a wide variety of apps and games available at your disposal. So many devices to choose from, so many games to play, and so many apps to try, Android is probably the best mobile operating system out there are the reasons are way too many.

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Get 9Apps Downloading for Android

There are plenty of Google Play alternatives are present on Internet like Blackmart etc, but none of them can beat 9App store. If you are an android lovers, and a person who loves to try out a lot of apps and games then you must download 9Apps Store right now by clicking on below provided download button now.

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Android is the most open sourced operating system out of those many others out there. Because of that, almost anybody can develop an app for Android. Adding to that, even Google has its own Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for all those budding app developers out there. Best of all, the SDK is entirely free of cost. So designing apps is easier now. Talking of Android apps and games, one such popular App market is 9Apps apk download. Those of you who have not heard of 9Apps till date, well, vaguely speaking, it is just like other app markets (with a twist). Other app markets feature apps whose availability depends on your region, operating system version and license date, while 9Apps presents before you apps and games with are not only free of cost, but they are also available for everybody, everywhere.

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All about 9Apps Downloading

Alibaba Group and its relation with 9Apps 9Aps-

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Alibaba Group is the biggest Chinese e-commerce company which houses a lot of small ventures in the fields of consumer to consumer, business to consumer, and other sales services through web gateways and portals. The websites which fall under this category include a lot of electronic payment websites, search engines for shopping portals, and other cloud computing services. The company was founded by Jack Ma, in 1999, after he witnessed other American websites and services reaching a global stature. Thus, little did he know that one day his seemingly small start-up would soar high to become the best known web service in the entire Asian continent. 

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Though today, Alibaba controls over a lot of companies worldwide, most of its mode of operation is based in China. Some of the affiliated services with Alibaba Group are AliPay (payment gateway), AliExpress (shopping portal) and UC Web (the world famous service/group behind UC Browser, UC News, and 9Apps).

9Apps Games – Download best android games.

Talking of 9Apps, it was released in 2013 as a third party app for Android apps. It allows users to download apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and themes for their Android smartphones and tablets. Today, it is being used in a lot of countries like Indonesia, China, Russia, India and Malaysia. According to the website’s official stats, there are around 25 million apps and games downloaded every day, and 9Apps boasts of a monthly user count of 250 million, and tens of thousands of users are switching over to 9Apps Games each passing day. Though the service is still quite young when compared to Google’s Play Store, but soon, it will become a direct competitor to the prominent app services and app stores.

Earlier, around 2012, the company had decided to launch two separate apps, one as an app store, while the other one as a video game store, respectively. The app market was supposed to be launched as 9Apps, whereas the video game service/market was supposed to be launched as 9Games. Though, in 2013, UCWeb decided to drop the idea for a gaming services app, and soon launched an app marketplace, known as 9Apps Store (as we know it today).

install 9apps

Thus, this is how Install 9Apps came into existence, and since then it has been one of the most relied upon websites (and apps) for downloading Android apps. It has some of the greatest features ever found on an app market, which even includes free apps and games. People often ask that is 9Aps and the apps available on 9 Apps 2017 Latest Version free from viruses? The answer is yes, it is 100% free from any malicious content like viruses and malwares. Another proof for that is, had it been full of virus laden apps and games, people would have discarded it long ago. But the growing user-count tells us that millions of people rely on 9Apps and love to use it.

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Watch 9Apps apk app Promotional Video Below!

Features of 9Apps apk for Android

  • 9Apps download is very small in size, which sums out to be way smaller than other app markets (and stores). The size is less than 10 MB, and the app is compatible with every Android powered smartphone and tablet (Android 4.0.1 or above). Because of the small size, there is no noticeable lag or freezing, and the app does not even crash. Thus, it is well optimized for every single Android device. Apart from that, the light interface also adds to the performance of the app. Although its collection features more than 50 million apps and games, it still runs smoothly on any Android device. The apps and games categories are well spaced out and colour coding is used to distinguish the games from apps, ringtones, themes and wallpapers.
  • 9 Apps has a category for top games and apps, which are stated after being professionally reviewed by critics and commended by a number of users. Other apps and games too can be reviewed by the users and downloading reviewed items is beneficial as it lets you know about the good apps and games. Apart from that, the app uses cloud acceleration technology to speed up the download speeds. It uses the best possible DNS for the available networks, which provides great download speeds.
  • 9app app keeps a track of your in-app statistics and because of that, it provides in-app recommendations regarding other apps and games which users may like to use. Also, there also is no need to sign up or register in the app unlike all other app stores. So, Install 9Apps download becomes more convenient and easy to use.
  • The possibly best feature that 9Apps boasts of is its collection of apps, games and wallpapers. The best thing about all these apps and games is that every single app/game is entirely free of cost (even the premium ones). The app market has got all the latest games and apps absolutely free of cost. Even the platform games are available for free. So download 9Apps today and start downloading all the latest Android apps (and games)!
  • There is a big collection of videos, wallpapers and ringtones as well. Since the Android community is very active, everyday, more than 10,000 media files are uploaded to 9Apps which make its media collection liked by many. So download 9Apps today if you need an app store which allows you to download all the latest games, apps, wallpapers, ringtones and trending videos.

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More features of Install 9Apps APK

Price Comparison is one of the latest addition to the huge list of features offered by 9Apps. According to the official reports, around 1 million users have used this price comparison feature. With this feature users are now able to compare prices of around 8 e-commerce including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Myntra, Jabong, Askmebazar, Voonik and Shopclues and even avail discount coupons. According to them, this app store is in talk with more sellers both national and international for similar associations.

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Comparing prices with is app store is quick easy as the UI is very simple and clean. This feature needs to be activated separately within the app by navigating accessibility settings. Once enabled, whenever you will visit any of those eight e-com sites, price comparison feature will be activated automatically. Prices for the product on all eight e-com sites will be displayed with the discount coupons (if any).

So this latest feature of 9Apps is very eye catching, Yet another feature which makes this app the best alternative to Google Play.

Download 9Apps apk vs. other Android app stores-

  • 9Apps apk has a huge collection of apps and games, which is absolutely free of cost. The developers do not charge any single buck for the content they provide. Though fans are free to support the creators by making small donations (if they are willing to). Since there are millions of free apps on 9Apps, it has started to attract a lot of attention of the Android users. People love its interface and the availability of apps on its database is commendable. Since 9Apps provides every content absolutely free of cost, users just love it. Some apps are not available in certain regions, but 9Apps provides those apps as well. So, it is undoubtedly the best third party app installer and downloader for Android.
  • All the top (and best) apps and games are recommended by the app itself, and because of that, you need not manually search for the best ones. Thus, it is a must have app store for you. It even has a well spread DNS network, which provides hassle free downloads. Also, the cloud acceleration technology that the app uses, speeds up the download process as well.
  • Unlike other app stores, 9Apps app and 9Aps Download is very small in size which makes it faster, snappier, and free from lags. It occupies minimal space on your device and there also is less to none app crashes. You need not worry about cleaning your cache memory all the time as 9Apps is barely a few MBs in size. Apart from that, great interface is also what steals the show along with well categorized and sorted icons and options.
  • Most of the premium apps and games on Play Store are priced at a high rate and we cannot afford to spend so much on virtual content, right? Well, 9Apps contains all those apps and games entirely free of cost. Thus, Android users can do unlimited downloading with 9Apps for android.
  • Games like Pokemon Go, which is not available in many Asian regions, is available for free on 9Apps app.
  • The community is super active, and apps which do not work are removed and replaced in no time with the working ones. Files can be reported and the community makes sure that the app gets removed and replaced soon. Thanks to its community, who support 9Apps apk so much and with the help of them (and aid), 9Apps has become the best app marketplace in Asia.

Download 9Apps Latest Version

  • As you people must be knowing that Play Store is blocked and not accessible in many countries, in such a situation 9Apps comes into rescue as this app store has no restriction of any kind. This is open for all.
  • 9Apps Store is a full fledged action packed app enabling you to download all sorts of latest android apps games, videos, wallpapers and what not.
  • When you download any .apk from 9Apps, it s not directly installed on your smartphone but instead the .apk file of that app is downloaded which you can install manually later or instantly. Because of this feature you will never have to download the app again and again because you will already be having the .apk file of app which you can later use or even send to other device for installation purpose.

Comparison Chart – 9Apps, Play Store & Amazon App Store

PlayStore Amazon Appstore Install 9Apps .apk
Users can download only latest version of the android app. Users can download only latest version of the android app. Any version of the app can be downloaded be it the oldest one of the latest version.

Some of the apps are not paid as user have to pay some amount to download them.


Some of the apps are not paid as user have to pay some amount to download them.


All the .apk apps present on 9Apps are free to download, no money required.

Size is 25-45MB  

Size is 30-45MB


Less than 5MB

Complex and difficult to understand User Interface (UI)



Better UI than of Google Play, still hard to use.



Simplest and easy to use/understand UI. Best when compared to another two.



Allows to download only one app at a time. You have to wait for download to finish only then you can start downloading another app.


One .apk app download at a time. No parallel download option available.


User can download as many .apk apps. No download limit or restriction of any kind.


As you can see from the above comparison chart, you can clearly find out who is the winner. So don’t waste much of your time and download Nine Apps now.


How to Download & Install 9Apps app on Android device?

  • Download the .APK file online or Click Here to Download , and save it to a safe location on your device.
  • On your device, open settings and then go to security settings. Once you are there, tap on Enable Installation from Unknown Sources to enable it.
  • Once you have enabled it, using a file manager, search for the .APK file and tap on it.
  • Tap on install and the installation will start. Once it gets installed, you can run it.

9Apps is completely safe app, free from viruses, malwares and other malicious content. Even the company claims that all the content they provide is free from viruses, and other content which may harm the Android device. They prioritize the user safety and secure usage while using their app.

I do not have an Android device. How to run 9Apps apk on Windows?

Relax if you do not have an Android powered smartphone or tablet. Not many people own an Android device. So, if you wish to run 9Apps on Windows, there is a possible way to do that (and do not worry, it is also absolutely safe). So, to do that, you need to do the following steps-

  • Download Bluestacks for Windows on your device. Just make sure you download the preferred version according to your Windows’ bitrate (x64 or x86).
  • Download 9Apps .APK file online, and save it in a Windows directory on your computer.
  • Run Bluestacks, and then mount the internal drive with the .APK file. Or you can also drag the .APK file to Bluestacks homescreen.
  • It will get installed and mounted. Once it gets mounted, simply run 9Apps and use it as your personal Android third party app downloader on Windows.

Download Android Games and Apps –  Trusted 3rd Party App Store

9Apps has even started a 20 million dollars start-up program called InDev Program. It encourages budding and young developers by providing one-stop service to help them in user acquisition and monetization. So, all those developers out there, download 9Apps and be a part of this quest today!

install 9appsapk

Some additional Features of 9Apps app store-

  • All the latest, free and top apps are well featured under the headings – This Week, Today, and This Month. So, just like you start off with the headlines, here, you can start off with the latest and trending apps and games right from the app market itself. Plus, every content is free so no need to worry about 9Apps charging you any money.
  • Every single content has been reviewed by at least one of the many quintessential community app critics. Their decision is very important in handling and managing the popularity of the apps and games.
  • The personalized algorithm which the app supports makes sure that users get what they want. If somebody is into photography softwares, the app tracks his in-app usage and presents before him all the best photography related apps, photo editors and other camera apps.
  • Since the app directory gets updated regularly, you will find loads and loads of apps and games in 9Apps. All these apps and games range from the free ones to all the way up to the premium ones which are quite expensive on the official sites. So, another big reason to use 9Apps Games is that all the software it provides is free of cost.
  • All the latest, great graphics games too can be found on 9Apps. Video games ranging from Grand Theft Auto to Asphalt, every single game can be found on 9Apps (for free). So, if you wish to play a great game on Android today, download it easily using 9Apps for android.
  • 9App has a neat and tidy interface. All the apps are well sorted (and arranged) into rows and columns. Every category is placed in a shelf where it gets easier to search for the app or game. Users find the interface quite appealing (because of its minimalistic design and simple interface). Thus, there is no need to buy the latest apps and games anymore, since 9Apps provides tons of free games, videos, and apps at your disposal.
  • If you wish to give it a try, download 9Apps online, today. After that, you need to install it on your device. For that, refer to the installation guide provided above. Please note that the installation guide differs for Android, iOS, and Windows. This version of 9Apps works only on Android compatible devices, so Apple users are advised not to try to run it on their devices because it does not work on Apple devices.
  • The 9app is compatible with smartphones and tablets both. So, as long as your device has Android OS (4.0.1 or above), it will run without an itch. Bluestacks users please note that after you have installed Bluestacks on your Windows powered computer, you have to restart it once to make it work flamboyantly. To install 9Apps on Windows, simply drag the .APK file to your Bluestacks menu and it gets installed automatically. Thus, if you want to be a part of the UC fraternity, and moreover 9Apps is best alternative for Google Play –  download 9Apps games today and start downloading!

Top 9Apps Games to download for Free!

9Apps Games has a huge collection of android games. There are thousands of android games present under different categories like – racing, strategy, board games, arcade, action etc. This app store has got some of the best phone games which are exclusively hand picked by Nine Apps teams for you. They never compromise when it comes to quality  and security, so you don’t need to worry. You will only get access to best games.

Some of most popular android games offered by 9Apps Download for Android are: Subway surfers, Pokemon Go, 8 Ball, Angry Birds. The games page is divided mainly into three main categories named- Top Games, New Games & Hottest Games.

  • Top 9Apps Games: It consist of games which are top rated. They are listed based on star rating which are given to them by users.
  • New 9Apps Games: It consist of games which are recently added by 9Apps app team.
  • Hottest 9Apps Games: This category consist of 9Apps Games which are trending in recent times and are hot at the present moment.
  • 8 Ball Pool Download from 9Apps Games

8 Ball Pool is a very famous multi-player pool games developed and distributed by MiniClip Inc. This game has gained a lot of popularity during recent times because of it’s multi-functional features and abilities. The main objective of this game is to pot all the 7 balls and at last pot the 8 ball which is black in colour. The player who, after potting all the balls, pots the black ball i.e. 8 Ball first wines the tournament.

  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga 9Apps Games

To download any game from 9Apps Games, all you have to do is first you need to download and install 9Apps app. After that browse any game which you want to download, navigate to that game’s page and simply click on Download button. Your download will be started automatically.

  • Asphalt 8 Airborne 9Apps app

The latest asphalt 8 is same as others in the series. The latest version of Asphalt i.e. Asphalt 8 is a refined version of this game. You can download this for free at high speed from 9Apps. A new collection of staggering cars including the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari FXX takes this game to a completely different level. New maps and locations are also added in this latest version.

  • Limbo for Android Free Download from 9Apps APK

Limbo 9Apps Games is a totally different game based on some new concepts. In this game you play a role of a lonely boy who is trapped monochromatic zone. It’s psychologically haunting. This is a new kind of a game and we highly recommend our readers to download it free from 9Apps.

  • Clash of Clans for Android 9Apps Games

Clash of Clash is simply a strategic game developed by crazy android games developers and coders. The sole purpose of this game is to safe guard the clan. Clash of Clans allows you to create your own clan and customise it as per your needs and requirement. Even your friends can come in and join the clan. Clans of Clans is one of the hottest and most addictive game right now within the android community. Attacking plan of this game is when you decides it to attack other clan and safe guard yours. In order to win the wars within the game, you need proper strategy and planning to decide and make decisions on when to do what. So Download Clash of Clans for android free, from 9Apps Games and 9Apps APK.

download 9apps

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