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Last Updated on 25th January,  2018

9Aps Download : While we think of android, the first thing that comes to our mind is android apps. Millions of apps present on Google Play Store is the main reason for such a loyal fan base that android has. Android has become the most famous OS for smartphones. And free android apps are the main reason for it; as said earlier.

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Users can download thousands of android apps for their smartphones through Google Play Store which is the official store of Google to download and install apps. As android grew more popular better alternatives for Google Play started coming into the market. Offering better features, more apps etc. One such app store which has became the top choice among android users these days is 9Aps app store which is developed by Chinese tech giant Alibaba. 9Aps Download is mostly famous in countries like India, Russia etc.


9Aps provides plenty of added features when compared to other app stores in the market. 9Aps app was launched in they year 2013. It is nearly 5 years old and developers are still working everyday adding more and more features to it. This app store is used in more than a hundred countries world wide.

There are more than 20 millions apps which are listed on 9Aps Download app. It is ranked #1 marketplace for free android apps and 9Apps games.

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Top features of 9Aps APK

  1. This app store is huge, providing around 20 million apps and games for free download.
  2. It offers not only android apps and games but also has a huge collection of wallpapers, ringtones etc.
  3. It is a very small sized app store, just 2.3 MB in size and it does not even take a lot of your phone storage.
  4. Every app listed here is virus free and no malicious file is listed for download. So while using this app you will always be safe and secure.

How to Download and Install 9Aps for Android

Below are the steps to download and install 9apps apk:

  1. Click on any download button present on this app.
  2. After your .apk file is downloaded Click on install.

Downloading and install 9Aps is that simple.


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