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UC Mini : The internet is responsible for most of the global development that we see around us today. There are billions of websites on the internet and even more things are available all over the web. From weather forecasting to buying and selling items online, the internet has become a great platform in its own. A platform where there are infinite possibilities to do things. In fact, more than 40% of the Information Technology world, today, is alive because of the internet. There are so many big companies that have rose to power just because of this virtually occurring space.

App Name UC Mini app
Version 10.7.8
File size 4.7MB
Developer UCWeb.com
Downloads 12,21,38,000

uc mini 

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Talking the internet, there are so many way of accessing it today. We have computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, PDAs, smart televisions, smart watches and even gaming consoles can be used to access the web. With so many ‘smart’ devices at our disposal, we can say that we are surrounded by internet and technology, and without either of the two it is practically impossible to work. Today’s generation is dependent on technology way too much. Nobody wants to write letters and telegram services have become obsolete. Even PCOs and calling booths are slowly disappearing. Well, flow of technology is like energy flow. One thing transforms into something bigger, but it never stops. And just like that, UC Mini app that your one single browser that will help you in browsing the web at great speed. You can download the UC Mini app online for free.

uc mini

Ever modern day gizmo that we see around us has been developed on some trivial technology. We write emails instead of letters, typewriters have been replaced with touchpads and keyboards, buttons have been replaced with touch panels, and phones and tablets are getting bigger and faster with each passing day. It is impossible to imagine a world without the internet. The internet has so may perks and advantages. Because of it we do not have to write letters anymore. Also, with good computer systems and screens, there is no need to go to movie theatres anymore. Just buy a Netflix subscription and you are good to go.

In fact, the reliability on the internet has become even more with the introduction to smartphones and tablets. Earlier, there used to be internet cafes but the broadband soon took over. Today, because of the smartphones and network carriers, there is high speed internet access on these portable powerhouses. Smartphones today have 3G and 4G LTE support along with high speed Wi-Fi reception quality as well. Along with that, smartphones and tablets have great displays as well as fast processors, with which browsing the web, watching videos, listening to music and playing games is a lot of fun. More and more people use smartphones and tablets today in order to do many of the common computing related tasks and what should not they? It is so convenient and efficient to write an email or make a video call using portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

To browse the web using these devices, there are a number of mobile web browsers out there, but one of the best light browser for smartphones, tablets and computers is – UC Browser Mini (often called UC Mini). You can download the latest UC Mini APK and IPA file for UC Mini online for free.

About UC Mini Browser-

UC is a name that is familiar to almost everybody who owns a smartphone (or tablet). Just like UC Browser, UC Mini has been developed by UCWeb, a subsidiary of the popular Chinese gaint, Alibaba Group. It was launched in 2012 as a mini, lighter version to the widely popular UC Browser. Just like its parent browser, UC Mini also stands tall in the pool of mobile web browser. Special mention goes to its very small size and exquisite support for Android and iOS devices. Rarely does the web browser encounter any problem and it runs flawlessly on each and every device it is made to run on. Other mobile web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari often encounter many problems and cause the device to lag, but since UC Mini is a light mobile web browser, it does not lag or crash. It is not an entirely new app; UC had released a Java version of the same app (that went by the same name) for phones that used to run on Java (J2MEE) and Symbian (the evergreen Nokia devices). But it is the Android and iOS version of the mobile web browser that is loved by all.

Another popular app and service that is run by UCWeb is 9Apps. Just like Google Play Store, 9Apps too is an application (and games) market where you can find all the latest games and apps for your Android and iOS device for absolutely free. Anyway, coming back to UC Mini apk, there are thousands of features that have been packed in such a small app. In fact, you will find almost every single feature as found on UC Browser APK, in this light weight app. The UC Mini browser app has been downloaded more than 20 million times till date and because of it being so much feature laden, more and more people are downloading it every day. The best thing about UC Mini browser is that it rarely takes up any space on your device and it never fails to deliver the best performance. Rarely does UC Mini app crash and it has tons of great features that will enhance your browsing experience and will keep you well entertained at all times.

It comes pre-loaded with cloud acceleration and advanced data compression technology. Cloud acceleration is responsible for faster loading of web pages (on HTML, XML and HTML5) and it also consumes very less internet data. The advanced data compression technology also works parallel to the cloud acceleration. What advanced data compression does is that it compresses the website data (web content like images, ad panels and flash images) and displays the raw looking web page in front of you. This raw looking page not only consumes very less data, but it even loads up very quickly. So, if you still have not downloaded the UC Mini APK for your Android device, download it today for free.

Features of UC Mini APP-

Although UC Mini shares some of the features from its parent browser, the UC Browser, but many of the features are entirely new and very captivating. Be it the included download manager or the included Web App store of its own, there are over a hundred happening features of UC Mini and below listed are a few of them-

  • With UC Mini, you get way better web browsing experience than Chrome and Firefox because of the newly developed U4 Engine. The benefits of U4 Engine over the previously used U3 Engine are a lot – now you get an improved internet connectivity (around 20-25%), an even better customer support system, and plenty of other personal features that you all will love. The browser selects and sets its own personal DNS service in order to juice out the best available connection speed from your internet connection. You do not need to have a super-fast internet connection in order to use UC Mini. A simple 2G or 3G connection is also enough to run the web browser and browse the web.
  • You also get upgraded security and application stability with UC Mini. Now, everything you do using UC Mini will be more secure than before, the browser will keep a track of all the websites you access and will notify you beforehand if you ever come across an infected website or webpage. Apart from that, the application stability feature is yet another splendid feature that makes UC Mini stand out in the pool of mobile web browsers. Also, there is also a storage management feature that helps you in storing every file you download using the UC Mini browser app. There is a built-in download manager included in UC Mini and thus, there is no need to download an external download manager.
  • There is an option to make your browser window suspended at the top of your device’s screen. With this, you can use other apps while browsing the web using UC Mini app. This features comes in handy while watching videos. You can drag and drop the video letterbox to the top of your phone’s (or tablet) top shelf. With this, you can also use other apps while watching your favourite video as well. In fact, this feature is said to be so handy and popular that many other web browsers have started to use this feature, but it works best on UC Mini mobile web browser.
  • Apart from merely streaming videos using the video drag and drop feature, you can also use it to drag and drop other web pages and parts that you wish to read afterwards. Thus, these small widows are very useful and provide an enhanced web browsing experience. You can write an email while talking to your friends on social media using the UC Mini app. There over a hundred things that can be done with this feature, so download and install the UC Mini app on your device (Android, iOS and Windows PCs and laptops) today and start browsing the web like never before.
  • There is a reading mode included in the UC Mini app that provides a warm, high contrast and low brightness reading mode that is softer on the eyes and on the device’s battery life as well. It is a really welcomed feature for those users who do a lot of online reading. Also, it provides a soft, Kindle-like experience and readers love it a lot. Apart from that, there is also a Night Mode option in the app. This makes your browser very dimly lit and the battery consumption is reduced as well. Thus, with the reading mode and the night mode options, the UC Mini app is the best option for avid readers and people who use their devices in lowly lit areas.
  • The incognito mode makes a return with UC Mini app. It is a highly loved feature that helps you to hide all the current browsing activity for a session. With incognito mode, the browser does not record any browsing history and the browser does not store any cache for the current session. It is a great feature for those who wish to work discretely online and on public devices. With incognito mode, the browser will not record anything (though the ISP will have a track of every single online activity), but it is still a welcomed feature especially if you want to stay safe online and avoid detection.
  • As mentioned earlier, you get access to Cloud Acceleration and Advanced Data Compression technology. With this feature, all the data when consumed while browsing the web is reduced and your device works effortlessly and smoothly. Also, it saves a lot of time wasted in loading unnecessary transitions and graphics on the web pages. The cloud acceleration is also responsible for speeding up downloads and video playback in the UC Mini app. Now, the videos load up faster and the time spent in buffering (in case of a slow internet connection) is greatly reduced. Also, the download manager makes sure that all the downloads are well sorted as per the download priority.
  • With UC Mini app, you all will constantly stay updated with all the worldly happenings around you with the help of the embedded news plugin. This plugin is responsible for providing the users with all the latest and the trending news from around the world. There is news from popular news dailies like, The Times of India and The Hindu. There is also news from popular Indian news channels like Aaj Tak and NDTV. Apart from that, there are also international news channels like Al Jazeera and BBC World for news from around the globe. You can either read the news, or can even stream the news videos online using UC Mini app.
  • Sports fanatics will have a great time using the UC Mini web browser app. There are live sports news and updates on the home-screen of the UC Mini app. You will get all the latest sports news for all the popular sports like cricket, football, badminton, golf, hockey and many other motorsports and e-sports as well. Besides that, UC Mini provides you with all the live score for all of the popular sports. There is a Cricket Card feature included that is loved by cricket fans. With these cards you get access to all the live scores, happenings, trending news and every other related information on the go.
  • With the embedded ad-block feature, you can enjoy uninterrupted browsing experience without having to worry about ads popping up all over your screen. These ads are very irritating and often carry malicious content with them. In order to prevent these ads from interrupting your browsing experience and harming your device, UC Mini app download comes pre-loaded with a high quality ad-block. This ad block comes in real handy whenever you are using a Torrent website because thousands of ads can pop up with just a click on those websites. Thus, with UC mini’s ad-block, you device will stay safe and protected from all these pop up ads.
  • UC Mini apk has a high level security feature as well. This makes this app highly secure and impenetrable by viruses and stuff. As you already know, the internet is filled with strange and crazy things and it is likely that you may come across a virus or a hacker trying to penetrate your device. Other browsers let that happen and only when your device gets affected, is when you get to know about it. But with UC Mini app, there are different high levels of encryption and security involved that make it a very tough task for malicious content and creepers to penetrate your device using UC Mini app.
  • You can also watch your favourite movies and television series using the UC Mini app (for free). It is a crazy feature that most of the UC users love. Apart from that, you can watch millions of high quality videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion using the UC Mini app. Not only do online videos load faster on UC Mini app, but they also consume lesser data than they do on Chrome and Firefox. All these videos can also be downloaded for free using the embedded video downloader that allows you to download videos easily from the aforementioned websites.
  • You can always keep a track of your online data usage using the UC Mini web browser app. It is a very beneficial feature for those users who like to keep a track on every of their activity. You can set daily data limits for web browsing using UC Mini and the app will notify you once you reach that data limit. It is a great way to help you save internet data passively. Apart from that, you have gesture control, QR code, bookmarking and even full-screen mode. The gesture commands come in very handy when you are streaming a video online. Thus, in order to find out more about UC Mini, download the free UC Mini app online for your Android, iOS and Windows devices (laptops and PCs) today.

UC Mini APK v/s other Web Browsers-

A recent online survey showed that 4 out of 10 people who browse the web using mobile web browsers, chose UC Mini as their primary browser. Not a bad choice at all, I must say, since UC Mini for android is packed with so many features. These features easily put other web browsers to shame and people are more than happy with UC Mini app. Not only does it consume less data while browsing the web, but it also runs faster and way lot smoother on every ecosystem it is made to run on. The app is light and because of that it does not consume much of the RAM and the storage space on the devices it is made to run on.

Other apps like Chrome and Firefox are heavy apps that are not well-optimized for all the devices, whereas UC Mini app is optimized for each and every device it is made for. There are next to no bloatwares and other pompous elements in UC Mini and because of that, the app never crashes or freezes. Because of that, it has received some terrific online scores and the reviews received by it are great. Other web browsers do not allow you to download videos from popular video streaming websites, but it is not the case with UC Mini. With UC Mini browser app installed on your device, you can either stream or simply download the videos without any issue.

UC Mini app saves a lot of browsing data and even the websites load up pretty quickly on it. It supports each and every smartphone and tablet and it is also quite light on the battery life. You get access to all the latest news and cricket scores with the help of UC Mini apk. There is gesture control for easy video playback. The web content loads up twice as fast (as on Chrome and Firefox). You get an embedded ad-block feature as well. With all the cloud acceleration and data compression, you will never encounter any problem with UC Mini app, even if you are on a slow internet connection.

Thus, the new UC Engine (U4 Engine) will provide you with a better battery life while browsing and will make the web pages load a lot faster than on other mobile web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. All you have to do is to download and install the UC Mini app on your device and you are good to go. With so many features packed in a small application, not using UC Mini browser is a really witless thing to do. So start using the UC Mini app today if you want to experience a whole new level of web browsing.

How to Install UC Mini App?

UC Mini on Android-

First of all you have to download the APK file for UC Mini app on your device. Once it gets downloaded, save it to a secure location. After that, you need to perform side-loading in order to manually install it on your Android device. To do that, do the necessary steps-

  • On your Android device, open Settings.
  • Then go to Security Settings.
  • Over there, you need to enable Installation from Unknown Sources (since you are not using Play Store to automatically download and install the UC Mini APK file).
  • Using a file manager, search for the APK file and tap on it to install.
  • Tap on Install and the installation will commence.
  • Once it gets installed, you can freely run it either from the home-screen or from the app tray.

UC Mini APK for iOS-

Installation of the UC Mini app on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone is a tad bit different from Android. Since there is no APK file involved, the installation follows an entirely different pattern. First of all, you are supposed to download the IPA file for UC Mini app. Once you have done it, do the following steps in order to install it on your iOS device-

  • Set the date on your device to 1st January, 2014.

To do that, go to Settings > General > Date and Time, and change the date. (Time does not matter).

  • Open Safari browser and download the UC Mini app. Note – the IPA file will get downloaded automatically.
  • Click on install.
  • Users may get the ‘Untrusted App Developer’ message. Click on Trust and you are good to go.
  • The UC Mini browser app will get installed automatically and once it gets installed, you can run it from the app tray.

UC Mini for Windows PCs and laptops-

UC Mini does not have any official EXE file support for Windows and its devices, but you can run the Android version of the app very easily using an Android emulator software. This emulator software creates a virtual ecosystem for the applications and they get executed very easily. BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator software for Windows. In order to install the APK file for UC Mini on your Windows PC or laptop, do the following steps-

  • Download and install the BlueStacks emulator software on your Windows device. BlueStacks is a freeware that can easily be found online. Once it gets downloaded, install it.
  • After that, download the APK file for UC Mini web browser app and save it on your computer.
  • Open BlueStacks > Load the APK file onto it by manually looking for it on your computer. Alternatively, you can also simply drag and drop the APK file from the desktop to BlueStacks home-screen.
  • It will get installed in no time, and once it gets installed, you can easily run UC Mini app using BlueStacks player.
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