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Last Updated on 2nd October, 2017


9Apps is one of the most popular worldwide android app distributor platform. It is the product portfolio of UC Web,  ALIBABA GROUP COMPANY in China. It has become the most popular third party application store in countries such as India,Russia and Indonesia. 9Apps is an application store itself, it is not available on Google play store or any other store. Hence, 9apps have to be downloaded and installed separately. After installing, the user can enjoy all the facilities of the 9Apps store.
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Downloading 9Apps application is really simple. Users just need to download the  application package and install it on their devices. Once the user have got the APK File, user can easily browse it using a file manager and open it. A Prompt will ask for confirmation. Once it is verified, the application will get installed on the device.


As we already know that 9apps is a popular worldwide distributor of android apps,
9Apps also allows monotization opportunities for developers and easy accesss for end users.
* Powered by the UC Open Platform
The UC Open Platform is a set which is being offered to the users by set of products. The UC Open Platform includes the most fastest browsing app called UC BROWSER. UC Browser is a mobile browser which is developed by the Chinese mobile internet company UC WEB and it is owed by the ALIBABA GROUP of CHINA. This browser uses cloud and data compression technology.
UC Browser is available on several smartphones and feature phone, but the android mobile operating system represents the largest user base for company, with 300 million of its 500 million total. Developers who launches games using 9apps store can also use the gaming network called  9Game.


9Apps apk acts as a very strong alternative to Google Play Store, as it consist of many additional features and the most important part is that the apps available there are free of cost.
1) Small Size: 9Apps store itself only requires 3.10MB to get downloaded on Android Devices.
The other stores uses hundreds of megabytes to get downloaded.
The biggest benefit that android users get is that the size of this 9apps is so small that it fits easily in the device’s storage.
9apps does not hoard the apps packages once install is done.
2) Data Compression: 9apps offers free data compression. It allows the user to save their data. The phones will download the files that are smaller than the original uncompressed file. After this, the compressed packages are extracted , and once the application is installed the temporary files are removed. Data Compression is an important part of  UC Browser. UC Browser and 9Apps belongs to the same open platform.
3) Huge selection of android apps and games: The amazing feature of 9apps is that it contains huge variety of apps and games. It also contains those apps which are not available on any other stores. 9apps also allows their users to access the apps of other regions via other app store. Official apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp , Uber etc are also available on 9apps.
Shopping coupons are also available for users which makes their online shopping experience more exciting.
4) Comprehensive and super-fast download manager: Download manager is also available on 9apps With this manager, users can download multiple files , pause their downloads and also resume them. 9apps offers faster downloading speed.
User is connected to the 9Apps server which is based on the users geographical location,so that the user can experience faster downloading speed. The downloads are not reset even if the connection is lost.
5) Personalised content: Android users have to sign up on this app store and have an account to download and install apps.
It saves the user’s search and downloads history
6) Get older version of apps: 9Apps allows their users to download the older version of the apps. This service is not available on any other store. At times, the new version of an app contains bugs. This makes the app completely or partially malfunction.
With 9apps, user can get all the previous versions of apps and download it.

9App apk is developer friendly:

9Apps is a developer friendly application. Developer support from 9Apps include integration guidance, testing, technical support for different locations and even financial consultancies. The InDEV program supports medium indie developers.
This is a huge platform. It has 200+ million monthly users and over  35 million apps downloaded everyday.
There is no region restrictions. This makes the developers distribute the different apps to many more countries and many more users. For publishing the app in the store, the developer needs to make the payment to the app store to host and promote their app. Its not very costly. 9apps apk offers flexible policies to accomodate the different requirements from the different developers.
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