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Last Updated on 2nd October, 2017


About 9Apps app 2017

9Apps Download 2017 is one of the most desired app till date it is choice of million people worldwide as it gives you the most amazing features and is a best alternative of app store as it is mini and require less space. 9Apps apk gives you superb and unique features. It is one of the best organised app store. It offers you with free and as well as paid apps. Best android apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones; everything you want on your smartphone is just a click away now. 9Apps app lay different category to make easy for its users to search and download. No only Download 9Apps helps in to accelerate web browsing and net surfing, it also keeps the record of your search history and display it before you which makes it easy for you to remember your last search. This app also gives recommendations to you based on your search history which helps you to make your choice easy without digging or surfing much.

So, android smartphone users what you guys are waiting for? Go Download 9apps on your smartphones and enjoy its amazing and unique features with a well organised system.

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Handy and Cool features which you get when you download and Install 9Apps:

1. 9Apps app store comes in very small size which require very less space in your smartphones. And with a blink it gets installed on your smart phones thus giving  you fast speed which makes it easy and smooth to use.

2. 9Apps latest version 2017 provide us with recommendation and app suggestions which are set up by the team of experts and professionals for their users.

3. 9Apps APK gives us hundreds of categories and sub-categories to choose from and wide range of filters are available in app to get better results.

4. 9Apps Download 2017 is updated daily with new recommendations and choices so that users don’t feel boredom and stay entertained and moreover have more options to choose.

5.Most unique feature of Install 9apps is that it provide us with accelerating speed through which you can download apps in real time and enjoy playing them.


Top 9 Must Download Android Apps from 9Apps APK app store


UC BROWSER apk for Android 9Apps

UC Browser is one of the most famous app available on app store. It has millions of download due to its unique features that are trustworthy and reliable. UC browser is designed and developed by a Chinese mobile company Alibaba Group and today it is joined with all major platforms like Windows, Android, Blackberry, iOS and many others.

Let us now take a look on the highlights of UC browser and the major offerings to get a better understanding of the same-

1. 9Apps UC Browser provide us with fast and secure browsing you can load data faster as it consumes low data as compare to other web browsers and at the same time they provide high security feature which prevent any kind of malware or virus attack.

2. Download UC Browser from 9Apps gives you ads free experience as compared to other browsers where you have to watch several ads before loading your data.

3. It has a unique video function which allows you to watch video in the browser itself

4. You get live sport score updates on the app itself and you get to know about scores, events and many more things anywhere in the world.

5. Download manager gives control over resume and pause feature through which u can resume or pause your download files this is rare in Chrome and Mozilla

6. Incognito window is available through this feature you can switch to private browsing and make your transactions more secure and private at the same time.

7. It provide with night mode facility for the users who browse late in night this features helps you to read better without ant stain on your eyes



UC Mini 9Apps is a smaller version of UC Browser. It is designed in such a way that it takes less space and is specially build for those who have less storage problems in their smartphones due this they are not able to download any browsing app. So the solution is here for all those having low storage in their phones you can easily download this app and enjoy fast browsing as it loads webpages much faster than other apps and also offers great variety of features in such a small pack.

Now let us take a look on some of the points which helps you to understand the highlights of UC Mini 9App Download so you can maximise your online experience without taking much space on your device-

1. UC Mini on 9Apps is one of the full fledge mini browsing app worldwide as it provide you with all the latest and unique features that one desire for in their smartphone you can say, a chota packet bada dhamaka kind of thing.

2. You can watch movies, films, videos on full screen as it provide you with full-screen mode.

3. Incognito window is available through this feature you can switch to private browsing and make your transactions more secure and private at the same time.

4. it provide with night mode facility to registered users only so you can enjoy reading, watching movie, films at night mode without giving strain to your eyes


UC News APK Download 9Apps

UC News apk app for android is a popular android app which provide you with all latest news on sports, Bollywood, fashion, technology, politics, entertainment and many more. UC News is developed by Alibaba group specially for smartphones not only this it provide news in both language i.e. Hindi and English you can switch it according to your preferences and enjoy full experience of the app. UC News 9Apps has more than 20 channels which enable its users to enjoy all the latest news and events at last but not least it provide you with both national and international news.

1. UC News offers notification alert feature through which you never miss latest update of news and events happening around in the world.

2. It provide us with fast browsing and surfing and boost up internet speed which help in loading data faster.

3. The most unique feature of uc news is live cricket score that helps in to know the live score to its users which helps its users to stay updated with each and every move of match

4. It also provide data saving feature which help in to consume less data while loading the news. it offers variety of news like fashion, technology, sports, Bollywood and many more.


Hotstar app download from 9Apps

Hotstar apk for android  is one of the most trendiest app worldwide which is available to its users free of cost. Hotstar apk provide with many multimedia content including Tv serials, movies, songs and much more. You can watch TV serials live with the premium membership which cost 190 INR for a month. Hotstar gives opportunity to its users to watch all TV episodes in different language it has large variety of languages provided to its users including Hindi, Tamil, Kannad, Bengali, Malayam, Marathi, english and many more. it enable its users to watch Indian and at the same time international TV programs.

Hotstar apk Features-
Here is the list which describes the highlights or key features of hotstar app, just take a look

It is one of the most trusted app by the people as it is one stop solution which can satisfy all the entertainment need to its users.

2. The most amazing feature of this app is it consumes 50% less data which makes it more efficient and effective app.

3. It provide you with premium membership option through which you can watch all episodes live with minimum cost.

4. It also supports sport channels so the sports lovers don’t have to get disappointed. You can watch wide range of live streaming in different sports badminton, cricket, hockey, football and many more.

5. Registered users can enjoy watching latest and trending movies, TV shows in different language like Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi and many more.


Vidmate apk app 9Apps

Vidmate is a very well known app for android lovers. It is one of the most famous android app which is available for free download on 9Apps app store. With this app you can download any video from social media sites as well as from youtube also. Vidmate 9Apps allows you to download videos and multimedia files in numerous formats and quality. Vidmate is free of cost and can be downloaded via 9Apps APK app store.

Features of Vidmate 9Apps apk app

1.) If you are a registered user of Vidmate, you are free to download as many videos as you want all for free using services of Vidmate 9Apps app.

2.) With vidmate, you can download videos in any quality you want. Moreover with vidmate, it gives you the freedom to download video file in any format, be it 3gp, flv etc.


Download Whatsapp App from 9Apps APK Download 2017

Whatsapp from 9Apps APK is one of the most famous android app used worldwide it has across one billion worldwide. it is free of cost and provide with features like phone calling, texting, video calling and many more it gets updated time to time and provide with new and unique features. Whatsapp provide large range of emojis to make texting fun. you can contact anyone worldwide with zero cost. Whatsapp also give us some more unique features like status uploading where you can upload your pictures and videos which disappears after 24 hours all these features makes it more fun to use.

9Apps | Download Best Android Apps and Games – 9Apps Free Download 2017!

So download the best android app store to download latest android apps and games. Download 9Apps for Android now.