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Download 9Apps 2017 latest version

About 9Apps

9Apps is basically a better alternative to world’s most popular android app market place i.e. Google’s Play Store. Android applications can be downloaded from 9 Apps in the same manner as they are downloaded from Play Store. There are other platforms also available to download best android applications but unfortunately all those platforms have malware attached to them which in return damage your phone and in worst cases delete your important data.

9 App is one of the most popular platform which allows you to download best android applications. 9Apps APK is brought to you by Alibaba Inc. It is a large company based out in China, which offers other apps like VidMate etc. 9Apps Download is just 3.2 MB in size which is very small and gets downloaded very quickly.


Features of 9Apps

  • Download unlimited games, applications, wallpapers, themes and what not from this app store.
  • More than 20 million apps and games waiting for you.
  • Smooth usage and easy to understand and beautiful user-interface.
  • Small sized app, less than 3MB in size.

9Apps APK vs Google’s Play Store?

Google Play Store 9 apps APK
Allows you to download latest versions of apps. If you want an older version, it is not possible. Allows you to download app in web verison as well as App version. Both older and latest versions can be downloaded. it all depends on you, which one you want?
Have to buy premium apps. Most of the apps are paid ones. With this app you can download premium apps for free. Every app present on this store is 100% free to download and install.
Big in Size Small in Size
Little bit complex User Interface. Simple User Interface

From the above table you guys can clearly see which one is better. So Download 9Apps APK now and Install 9 Apps for android on your smartphone now.