FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about 9Apps!

Last Updated on 5th October, 2017

Below listed are some of the most common frequently asked questions about 9Apps. So read on the below FAQs and get your doubts cleared.

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Q1.) Is 9Apps free to download?

Ans.) Yes, downloading 9Apps is free of cost. This app store do not charge you a single penny to download it and even apps which you will download from this app store are absolutely free.


Q2.) Why 9Apps is not available on Google Play Store?

Ans.) 9Apps is not available on Google Play because 9Apps is itself an app store so there is no point of Google Play listing there own competitor there. It is an 3rd party app store that is the reason you need to download it separately.


Q3.) Is  my android smartphone device compatible with this app store?

Ans.) 9Apps is compatible and runs smoothly on all android powered devices having Android or higher versions.


Q4.) Is it available for iOS and Apple users?

Ans.) Sorry to say but right now 9Apps is not available for download on devices running iOS as it is an 3rd party android app stores.


Q5.) What all this app store offers?

Ans.) Apart form latest android apps this app store offers you latest games, wallpapers, ringtones and much more.


Q.6) Is 9Apps and apps listed on it are safe to download and virus free?

Ans.) Yes, this app store and all other apps which are listed on it are 100% safe to download and are virus free. Each and every app present on it is first testes and scanned for virus and malicious codes, if they are able to pass the test then only they are made available for download purpose for it’s users.


Q7.) What is the file size of this app store?

Ans.) The file size of this app is very small i.e.  just 2.3MB that is the reason why it is so fast and clean while in use.