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What is Kingroot APK ??

KingRoot Download : KingRoot APK for Android is an app that helps you in rooting your mobile phone . With the help of kingRoot app anyone can easily root their phones without any complex procedures. KingRoot app makes rooting possible for everyone as it does not require any advance technical skill. This is the reason because of which KingRoot apk is most widely android app used for rooting.

Rooting helps your phone to enhance its functioning and unfold its hidden features. You may sometimes find risky to root your mobile phones . But rooting your device will make it more smooth and easy to function it also gives access to all the features that were not available on un-rooted phones.


Benefits of Rooting android phones

1. While searching or playing games you wil find several ads popping up on your screen which creates distraction you can block those ads by rooting your phone time to time .
2. You can also remove pre-installed manufacturers app by rooting your android phone . Root Device by kingroot and remove the unwanted app from your phone.
3. If your battery drains faster than normal phones and you find difficult to make it through the entire day rooting android phone wil help you getting customised kernels. Kernels work differently . For low battery consumption on your mobile phone you should go for kernels with low power consumption . You can also use different customised kernels for speeding up your phone .
4. Rooted android device gets updates before time which help them to keep their phones up to date .
5. Enjoy games by using xmodgames.

How to install KingRoot app on android?

Here are few step by step tutorial to install kingroot.apk on your mobile phones .

1. Firstly you need to download kingroot .apk app. This app is not available on Google Play Store or App Store you need to download it directly from browser .to download the app click the link given

2. Secondly, once the .apk version of KingRoot file is downloaded , click on it to open the file . Some users may receive a notification saying “installation blocked by google “ in that case their will be an option available which says “ more details” click on it.

3. After clicking on it you will get an option saying “ install anyway” click on it .

4. Thirdly, if you install an app directly from browser instead of google play store you have chances to get installing blocked by google. When you install an app a notification pop-up which have two options saying “setting” and “cancel “ you need to click on setting and a new page opens up, below that page you see a text saying “unknown sources “ all you need to do is click on that option and began installing the app.

5. Once the app is installed click on open.

6. After clicking on open you wil see an option saying “ try it” clicking on that will direct you to another page with an option “get now “ once you click it the rooting process wil start . Once the process is over you wil be redirected to main screen of your android phone.

7. Lastly, to check whether your phone is rooted or not , go on google play store and download “rootchecker” app and open it. If your phone it rooted you wil receive a notification saying “your device is rooted”

How to root your mobile with KingRoot PC?

You may have question in your mind why to root your mobile phones with kingroot pc when there is already mobile version of the app is available . So here is the answer of your question “ the PC version of the kingroot app” supports way more devices than the kingroot android apk app

To get started All you need to do is download the PC version of kingroot pc on your system. You can download it from
The link given below . Once the downloading is over you can start with the process of rooting on your KingRoot PC .

Here are steps to root your phone using KingRoot PC

1. Firstly connect your mobile phone to the system by using an usb cable.

2. Secondly kingroot app directly detects your mobile phone device model. Make sure you are connected to an internet connection while using this app because the app will install the device driver . If they are not pre-installed.

3. Thirdly enable debung mode on your device . Some device get this option as soon as they connect their phone with system using usb.

4. Lastly , when the debug mode is enabled click on the blue button popping up on your screen. Once you click it the process of rooting starts , within few seconds the root is completed and you seen a blue tick on your screen.

How to unroot your phone with kingroot apk?

So here is a solution for those who have accidentally rooted their phones by kingroot app and want to unroot it. You can simply do it with kingroot.apk itself without facing any difficulties .


Here is the step by step tutorial to unroot your phone by kingroot android app

1. firstly you need to open the kingroot apk app on your device
2. Secondly, after opening the app you will find an option “setting “ click on that ( it is available on top right corner of the screen)
3. Thirdly , once you click the setting button you wil see an option “ root authorisation setting “ click on it after this click on the option “ remove root permission “ once you click on it you wil receive a notification saying “ continue” click on it
4. After clicking on continue another notification appears saying “ok” click on it
5. After a while you wil see a message displayed on your screen root has been removed
6. Once the unrooting procedure is over kingroot app will automatically be closed or removed . In some phones if it does not happen automatically all you need to do is reboot your phone and the app wil be no longer available.
7. Lastly, to check if your phone is rooted or not . Go on google play store n download the app “rootchecker” and run it. If your phone has been unrooted successfully then it wil display a message which wil say “the device is not rooted “ and voila you are done

Kingroot download

To download kingroot app all you need to do is click the link given below . Kingroot app just require 20 mb on your device .

Kingroot apk download for android 2017

Kingroot apk download : kingroot is one of the best app for rooting your android mobile phones , tablets and PC’s as well. Kingroot is easy to use and with just a click you can root your device which helps you device to function smooth without any virus. Kingroot app is also known as king root apk app

Kingroot apk supports almost all android devices kingroot is one of the most used rooting app worldwide . It’s suuccess rate is about 98% . The earlier version of kingroot app has lots of bugs so the developers launched latest version of kingroot apk application which is bugs free.

Kingroot apk download and install process

kingroot apk

1. Firstly, all you need to do is make sure your android phone is fully chargerd or a minimum of 50% battery.
2. Secondly , back up your important data such as files, links , docs, images etc
3. Thirdly, make sure you have access to internet connection
4. Fourthly , download kingroot app setup
5. Once the file is downloaded you can save it in internal or external storage
6. Next go to settings > security and enable “unknown sources “ option
7. Open the setup and run . The language of app that wil appear on your screen will be Chinese , which will cause trouble to proceed . But follow the steps given below
8. Once the app is installed open it where it show the root option and click on it
9. Scroll down the screen and click the button “ try to root”
10. Once you do this kingroot will check is your android device rooted
11. The kingroot will indicate that the device is not yet rooted. Then click on “try root” button to root it. Your device may restart during the process but no need to worry.
12. Once the whole procedure is done , restart your device to save all the changes.